Anyone can create a website that looks pretty. But creating a website that captures leads and turns them into paying customers on autopilot takes skill and strategy.

Our Specialization:

Why do most websites do one and not the other?

Most websites are either…

1) Design centred

If the person that built your site is a ‘designer’ who studied design but also does some development, chances are you will have a website that looks OK, but doesn’t do what you want it to do.

2) Development centred

If the person that built your site is a ‘developer’ who studied IT, chances are you will have a website that functions well but doesn’t look that great or convert very well.

So, which one is right?


We believe web design shouldn’t be design centred or development centred.

We believe web design should be ‘outcome centred’.

Instead of starting with the design or the development, we believe every website project should start with the question of:

“What are we actually trying to achieve here?”

The most common answer we get to
this question is:

“Our #1 goal is to grow revenue.”


How does design grow revenue?

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is the rate at which a website turns visitors into leads.

The average website has a conversion rate of less than 5%. This means for every 1 lead generated, 20 are lost.

The fastest way to grow revenue from any website is to improve the conversion rate.

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How do you maximise the conversion rate?

Data analysis

What does Google Analytics say about the user behaviour?

Site analysis

Identify what is on the website that is/isn’t driving the behaviour.

Recommendations report

Prepare a report on areas for improvement.

Rebuild process

Rebuild the website to better achieve the business objectives.

Measure & optimise

Drive traffic to the site, measure user behaviour and continue to optimise.

Does it work?

Michael Sherlock

“Having worked with countless marketing and PR firms in my former position as the CEO of Brumby’s Bakeries, I find Bambrick Media refreshingly responsive and insightful. I’ve worked with Bambrick Media for years now and was really excited by the opportunity to involve them in my latest project at Sentinel Property Group.”

Carla Cook

“The team at Bambrick Media are a pleasure to work with because they are a local company that give us the opportunity to work alongside them on our campaigns and help us to execute all of our concepts and plans effectively. We really enjoy our regular strategy meetings and always feel welcome to put any of our ideas on the table.”

Chris Slade

“After our first meeting with Bambrick Media we were instantly impressed with their professionalism. We believe that Google Adwords will be of utmost importance for our survival in this difficult time. Bambrick Media are very good at what they do, and are always available to chat via email or phone call. I highly recommend them.”

3 Crucial Considerations Of A Winning Website

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Is your website doing your business more harm than good? In this exclusive report, we show you how to improve the user experience (UX), how to build customer confidence and generate more sales, and which CMS the world’s biggest brands are using.

How are we different?

Channel Agnostic

We don’t care what marketing channel you use, as long as it works.

ROI Driven

Every decision we make is based on getting you the maximum return on investment.

Relationship Focused

We only make money when our clients do. We’re in it for the long haul, not quick wins.


What approach do you take to website development?


We build websites from the ground up. This way there aren’t any restrictions, and your website is built exactly how you envisioned. We do not compromise. At Bambrick Media we use a tailored approach to suit your business’ exact needs. Our developers create or integrate with any system, to generate innovative and user friendly websites that give visitors a positive experience.

We believe a website should:

  • Focus on the user  Be easy to use, with easy to find information, & have a simple transaction process with minimal clicks
  • Be current  A website should have meaningful & relevant up to date content
  • Be creative & unique  A website should be have the latest design technology that is stylish & functional
  • Be optimised for search engines – Make it easy for searchers to find you on the web organically
  • Generate income – A website’s goal is to reinforce your brand & build relationships, creating conversions for your product or services
  • Be the virtual face of your brand – Your website is your online ambassador. It should be something you are proud of.

Why is it necessary to have a business website?


Your website is a virtual meeting place between you and your customer or prospect. You need a well-developed, user-friendly website with a suitable domain name that allows the visitor to immerse themselves in your brand and find what they were seeking.

Why work with Orange Mantis Media?


We have been developing websites for over a decade and know what works. We’ve built websites ranging from sophisticated e-commerce sites, to more modest informational sites. Our client base ranges from large companies to small business start-ups. There is no limit to our web development services.

Bambrick Media are experts in website development. We build world class websites and virtual shopfronts using a creative and stylish conversion focused design. Our unique and dynamic approach mean we can get your website up and running efficiently, no matter the size.

We guarantee a website developed by Bambrick Media will completely surpass your expectations. Call us now at (07) 3216 1151 or by sending us a message using our Contact Form.

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