Scary good targeting and millions of active users means you can put your marketing message in front of anyone, anywhere, on any device you choose.

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How are Social Media ads so specific?



Huh? Isn’t that a brain chemical?

Yes, yes it is.

Every time we check Social Media and find something new, our brains produce dopamine. This is what keeps us coming back again and again and again, to the point that Australians now spend an average of 2.5 hours per day checking their phones.

How does this relate to advertising?

How doesn’t it?

In a world where holding anyone’s attention for more than a few seconds is borderline impossible, Social Media has the whole world glued to it for hours a day.


How does the targeting work?


Every single thing a Facebook user does, says, looks at, likes, posts, comments on, or scrolls past, tells Facebook a little bit more about who they are. When this behavioural data is aggregated it creates the most specific, targeted, and possibly valuable marketing database the world has ever seen.

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How specific are we talking?

How about…

Or how about users who…

How long does it take?

1) Traffic Within 1 week you should start receiving new traffic.

2) Leads Within 1 month you should start receiving new leads.

3) Profit Within 3-6 months you should be making more from Social than you spend.


Why does it take so long?

Our Social Media Advertising process is as follows:

Month 1


  • Audience analysis.
  • Writing ad text.
  • Producing creative.
  • Building campaign.

Month 2


  • Review creative conversion rates.
  • Review ad text conversion rates.
  • Review landing page conversion rates.
  • Campaign optimisation.

Months 3 to 6


  • Continual review of audiences, bids, ad text and landing pages based on conversion rates.
  • Continual cost per lead optimisation.

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What our clients say

Michael Sherlock

“Having worked with countless marketing and PR firms in my former position as the CEO of Brumby’s Bakeries, I find Bambrick Media refreshingly responsive and insightful. I’ve worked with Bambrick Media for years now and was really excited by the opportunity to involve them in my latest project at Sentinel Property Group.”

Carla Cook

“The team at Bambrick Media are a pleasure to work with because they are a local company that give us the opportunity to work alongside them on our campaigns and help us to execute all of our concepts and plans effectively. We really enjoy our regular strategy meetings and always feel welcome to put any of our ideas on the table.”

Chris Slade

“After our first meeting with Bambrick Media we were instantly impressed with their professionalism. We believe that Google Adwords will be of utmost importance for our survival in this difficult time. Bambrick Media are very good at what they do, and are always available to chat via email or phone call. I highly recommend them.”

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How do Facebook ads work?

Facebook displays ads based on 3 things…

What are the interests and demographics of the user?

How relevant is your ad to the user?

Are users engaging with your content?

Therefore, the process of Facebook advertising is as follows…

Find the appropriate target audience.

Build and launch the campaign.

Measure effectiveness & optimise accordingly.

How are we different?

Channel Agnostic

We don’t care what marketing channel you use, as long as it works.

ROI Driven

Every decision we make is based on getting you the maximum return on investment.

Relationship Focused

We only make money when our clients do. We’re in it for the long haul, not quick wins.


What is social media advertising?


Social network advertising, also known as social media targeting, is a form of online advertising that focuses on social networking services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. Advertisers love social media advertising because of its capability to target specific demographics.

Social network users store various information about themselves, such as their age, gender, interests, and location.

This information allows advertisers to release ads targeted to specific groups. These individualised campaigns, when done correctly, could increase conversions and decrease marketing spend.

Why consider advertising on social platforms?


Every day there are over 4.5 billion Likes on Facebook500 million Tweets and 95 million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram. On Facebook, 1.71 billion people are active every month, and they spend an average 20 minutes browsing the platform. Facebook has the largest audience, making it the preferred platform for advertising amongst other social networking sites.

If you are not advertising on Facebook yet, you definitely should, and here are just some of the reasons why:

  • You gain customer insight
  • You increase brand awareness
  • Your targeted ads get real-time results
  • You increase your website traffic
  • You know what your competitors are doing
  • You build relationship with your customers

Facebook’s intuitive and detailed analytics also allow you to see your campaign’s performance, and compare individual campaigns against each other to see what’s working and what’s not.

Yes, there are. There are two sections on Facebook where your ads can go. These are the right-hand column and the news feed.

Right-hand Column Ad: Before Facebook rolled out an update in 2014, this ad column could house up to seven ads, which made it look spammy and cluttered. They improved the overall look by increasing the size of the images and only placing up to two ads at a time.

Tests have shown that the new format is 29% more effective at attracting views, 50% more effective at driving dwell time, 46% more effective at driving reading behavior.

News Feed Ad: The best thing about news feed ad is that it looks like native advertising because it appears directly at the user’s news feed. It is a story form of advertising, as it allows you to get your message across without being too pushy about promoting your company, product, or service.

Newsfeed ads have a click-through rate 44 times higher, and a conversion rate five times higher than right-side ads, but these ads could also cost you more.

Some other options on Facebook include:

  • Photo Ad: Facebook favours quality visual content, which makes this ad one of the most popular and easiest ways to advertise.
  • Carousel Ad: Carousel ads allow advertisers to show up to five images and links in one ad.
  • Local Ad: This is the easiest and most affordable way to reach targeted audience within your vicinity.
  • Offer Ad: Use this ad to promote discounts and offers from your online store.
  • Event Ad: Targeted to a specific audience, this ad reaches out to people who are likely to attend, saving you time and marketing spend.
  • Retargeting/Dynamic Product Ads: Dynamic ads allow you to promote relevant products to people who’ve browsed your website or mobile app across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network.
  • Lead Ads: This ad lets your customers sign up on offers you may have.
  • Boosted Post: A boosted post is an organic post shared on the business’ newsfeed, and is later promoted using advertising money.

Facebook offers a flexible advertising platform that caters to different needs. Start experimenting on your next ad using the Ads Manager platform. It is user-friendly with simple, step-by-step instructions.

Are there are any other advertising platforms to consider?


In addition to Facebook, there are several other advertising campaigns that you might like to consider, such as:

Twitter: Similar to Facebook in terms of audience size, but a bit limited when it comes to advertising options. You can choose a demographic to target using the promoted tweet option, but the demographic options are lesser and more restricted.

LinkedIn: Focused mainly on professionals, you can advertise effectively on this platform if you’re a B2B company or if you are targeting a specific type of professional.

YouTube: YouTube offers both video ads and static advertising options. It is effective in many ways — raising brand awareness, swaying purchasing decisions, and converting users more than any other social media platform. The downsides? Targeting is limited, and the ads are more expensive.

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